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Bicycle And Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Vehicle collisions involving cyclists or pedestrians often result in devastating injury. The physical effects of a bike and car collision are compounded by a victim's uncertainty about the legal steps to obtain necessary benefits. Legal advice and ongoing guidance are important components to a successful recovery.

Martha Cook is an experienced courtroom lawyer who developed strong skills of advocacy as an urban litigator, executing often difficult and complex legal claims. Committed to the local community of Stratford, Ms. Cook and our team provide individuals involved in bike lane and crosswalk accidents the advice and information they require to move forward.

Legal Advice For Stratford Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

Cyclists and pedestrians may fear they cannot claim compensation from auto insurance following an accident simply because they were not operating a motor vehicle at the time. However, it is possible to claim benefits from auto insurance, including from that of the driver involved in the collision. Additionally, if the driver was uninsured and the pedestrian or cyclist had no insurance, a claim may still be possible against Ontario's Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

A private right of action, or lawsuit, against the at-fault driver, is possible in the case of permanent impairment. As your legal counsel, Martha Cook will review and discuss these options with you. As your case proceeds and as you recover, we will provide you with the personalized, one-on-one attention you require.

Victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord impairment. Recovery can be a long and difficult process. We are committed to meeting the legal needs of accident victims while they devote their attention to their physical and emotional healing.

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