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Ontario Administrative Lawyer

Local, provincial and federal governments, regulatory agencies and specialized tribunals make legally binding decisions that affect the welfare of individuals and businesses in Ontario. Challenging these types of decisions requires legal knowledge of the niche area of law handled by the decision-maker in question, as well as solid advocacy skills.

Martha Cook is a seasoned Ontario lawyer whose background as a large-market litigator has contributed to her skills in representing business owners and individuals who are involved in an administrative law process or are charged with regulatory breaches.

Judicial Review And Administrative Law

Ms. Cook represents clients at judicial review proceedings of rulings made by administrative decision-makers, including municipal governments, administrative agencies, tribunals and boards. As an experienced litigator, Martha Cook has the required knowledge to effectively challenge an adverse administrative decision, which requires meeting a legal standard distinct from other kinds of appeals.

In addition to representing clients in judicial review proceedings, Ms. Cook handles a wide range of administrative law cases, including education law, health law, consent and capacity law, labour law, professional discipline, as well as municipal and environmental law. She has appeared in front of a number of Ontario tribunals representing both business and individual interests on a wide range of issues.

Providing Business Owners Regulatory Defence

Business owners have a legal obligation to comply with certain statutes as part of their everyday operations. The significant penalties involved make it crucial for business owners to obtain a strong legal defence and sound legal advice to resolve the regulatory issue and ensure they do not face sanction in the future.

Commercial regulation in Ontario involves a number of statutes. Our firm represents clients who have been charged under any one of a large number of acts, including:

  • Animal Health Act, 2009
  • Building Code
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
  • Fisheries Act
  • Food Safety and Quality Act
  • Gaming Control Act
  • Liquor Licence Act
  • Milk Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Ontario Water Resources Act

In addition to provincial acts, business owners must comply with local bylaws. As a Stratford-based lawyer with an extensive knowledge of municipal law, Martha Cook is able to advise business owners who have been charged with the violation of a local bylaw.

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